Monthly owner statements

Monthly Owner Statement

On or around the 10th of every month you will receive an email notification that you owners statement available to download on through the owners portal. Your owners statement will include a breakdown of each booking that was in your unit for that month.  

  • Under the credits column, you’ll see the gross rental amount (without taxes or fees) for each booking. *If a guest stay begins in one month and ends in another, nights will be paid out during the month they fall under.
  • In the debits column, you’ll see the expenses that are specific to that booking such as our booking commission, cleaning fee, owner booking fee, etc.

 Your owners statement will also provide an overview of all the expenses for your property during the month. Each expense will include the date it was paid, the vendor, a short description, and the amount.

 At the end of your statement, you will find a summary of your income expenses as well as your total net income.

If there is a balance due to the you, your check will be direct deposited into your US bank account on the date that the statement was generated. It typically takes 2 to 3 business days for the funds to be available.

If there is a balance due to Casiola, we allow you 14 days from receiving your owner’s statement to submit payment. With written permission, we are able to process an eCheck from the account we make your deposits in to satisfy the balance or a check can be mailed to: PO Box 22414, Orlando, FL 32830