Casiola makes renting out your vacation rental easy, safe and profitable.

But we understand that vacation home owners have many good questions. If you still cant find what you need, contact us!

When will I receive my owners statement and deposit?

The owner statements are sent out by the 10th of each month and you will receive your deposit within 2-3 business days upon receiving your statement.

I’m glad to see bookings coming in, but why are the rates so low? (homes new to the program)

These bookings came from Airbnb and for the first 3 bookings that come in, the guests receive an additional 20% off of their stay. While the rates are a bit low, this strategy helps the home convert within the first 30 days it’s on the market which is crucial and very beneficial for earning good income moving forward. 

There were several items damaged and taken from the home, will the guests be charged?

Yes, any items that were taken from the home or intentionally damaged will be charged to the guest. 

There are not many bookings for next few months, what can we do?

50% of our bookings coming in within 30 days or less from the arrival date. We still have plenty of time to fill up the calendar for the upcoming months. We also monitor the market on a weekly basis and will make rate adjustments when and where necessary.

How can I create a reservation for myself?

When you sign into your myCasiola app, click on the calendar icon located at the bottom to view your calendar. From there, select your dates, and then choose “for myself” under the booking type. You will be prompted to confirm your booking and once confirmed, Guest Relations will receive a confirmation and send you your arrival instructions. 

I’d like to offer my home to a friend for a special rate, how can I do this?

When you sign into your myCasiola app, click on the calendar icon located at the bottom to view your calendar. From there, select your guests dates, and then choose “I book for someone else” under the booking type. On the next page, you will need to fill out your guests name, email addresses, and telephone number. You can also add the discount amount you would like to offer. Once the booking is confirmed, Guest Relations will receive an email and will send your guest the confirmation which includes access to the Guest Portal where the payment can be made. 

Who takes care of the taxes?

Casiola submits tourist development and sales and use tax for only the bookings we collected funds for. These taxes are submitted to the state and county on a monthly basis. 

I received a real-time feedback email and it seems the guests are not too happy, what is being done about this?

Guest Relations receives the real-time feedback emails as they come in and when we see a guest is unhappy or having difficulty with something, we contact them and send the appropriate team to the home to correct the issue(s) promptly. 

Still haven’t found what you are looking for?

Contact our Owner Relations team on
+1-321-284-8400 or via owners@casiola.com

Gabi – Owner Relations Manager