How welcoming pets into your vacation home could increase your rental income

How welcoming pets into your vacation home could increase your rental income

Whether you’re an animal lover or not, welcoming pets into your vacation home could dramatically increase your rental income. For many pet owners, taking a vacation wouldn’t be nearly as much fun if they couldn’t share it with their four-legged friends. So why not allow them to come along?

According to a 2016 survey conducted by the American Hotel & Lodging Association, 75% of hotels allow pets. But only about 25% of vacation rentals are pet-friendly.  With limited pet-friendly vacation rental options, pet owners are more likely to book a hotel room. 

The demand for pet-friendly vacation homes is higher than ever before, and switching over to a fur-friendly home will give you a competitive advantage against other rental properties. 

Here’s how:

Wider market appeal

Pet-friendly homes stand out against the crowd.


42% of pet owners choose their vacation destination and accommodations based on whether they can bring their pets.

Lifelong investment

49% of pet owners are willing to pay more for pet-friendly accommodations.

A lot of opportunity

37% of pet owners choose NOT to travel so they can stay home with their pets. That’s a lot of missed opportunity and people that could use a vacation!

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We’re all family

We think of our furry friends less like pets and more like members of the family. From wagging tails to loving eyes, the bond between humans and canines is unmatched by any other pet. 

According to, 37% of pet owners prefer to stay home and not travel, so they don’t have to leave their pets behind. That’s a lot of missed opportunities by not accommodating pets. 

It goes deeper than a command to “sit” or a game of fetch. Pet owner’s dogs are always there for them, treating them with unconditional love and affection. Let them treat their dog to a pet-friendly vacation home so that everyone can stay together. 

Pet-friendly accommodations in hotels, restaurants, bars, and even the workplace are becoming more popular. Stay ahead of the curve and turn your vacation home into a pet-friendly zone. 

5 takeaways about traveling with pets

1. Dogs play a huge role in determining where their owner goes on vacation

  • 42% of travelers will choose accommodations based on their pets.

2. Most pet owners are keeping it local this year

  • Due to Covid-19, people are avoiding fly-in holidays.
  • 38% of guests will drive to their destination this year.
  • There will be an increase in weekend getaways compared to more extended vacations abroad.
  • Disney & significant theme parks are planning massive promotions during COVID-19.

3. Vacation homes are the preferred pet-friendly accommodation because:

  • You are your own boss at a vacation home.
  • You don’t have to think about disrupting other guests
  • You can relax without worrying about how your pet is affecting other guests.

4. People who treat their animals like family have a laid-back travel style

  • Guests will most likely choose outdoor activities involving their pets. 
  • They aren’t there to paw-ty; they are there to relax. 
  • You’ll host more families rather than large groups.

5. Travelers with pups are willing to shell out more cash to make their furry best friend happy

  • 49% of guests are willing to pay more for a vacation home to take their family pets.

3 reasons dogs should never be left behind

1. Your vacation rental will stand out from the rest

Only 25% of vacation homes in the U.S. allow pets, making your home visible to guests traveling with their dogs.

2. Opportunity to earn more and gain repeat guests

On average, homes that allow pets have 10–20% higher vacation rental income and higher occupancy than those that don’t, during peak season and off-season. Plus, guests will want to return year after year with their pups.

3. Your vacation home will never notice

  • Contrary to popular belief, welcoming a dog into your home won’t result in endless cleaning. Professional management companies can make your home look brand new after a furry friend visits.
  • On the rare occasion, damages do occur; pet owners are willing to pay more to bring their pets with them on vacation. Most pet owners are responsible people, they have to be, and recognize how difficult it is to make accommodations for their pets

Interested in making your vacation home pet-friendly?

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